Sometimes there are malfunctions in life. Most often for me it’s when the difficult things of life all pile up at same time.

When I’m overwhelmed by life, grief, being falsely accused and not able to please people all the time … when there are problems and complications in my children’s lives …and things I can’t even think of as I write this (praise God),I feel a malfunction in my spiritual life. The Holy Spirit sounds off the warning signals and, if I’m attentive, tells me where the malfunction is.

It’s then up to me to consult my “owner’s manual.” My owner is God. His manual is His Word.

Just like the owner’s manual of my car, the Word of God advises me of the exact problem. My submission to what He tells me is akin to taking my car to the service center. The service center is full of professionals who can hone in on the problem. They know where to look, what to test and how to make an accurate diagnosis.

God knows me. And He knows you. He knows where to look, what to test and He definitely knows how to pinpoint our problems. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God are the “mechanics” in my spiritual malfunctions.

BUT, I have a choice. With my car, I can take the advice of those who know way more than me; submit to their advice, do what I gotta do and drive off with a “fixed” car that previously was experiencing difficulties. Or I can say “Nah, I want a second opinion.”

For me,in the spiritual sense, I have the same choice. When the Holy Spirit sees my spiritual malfunctions, and leads me into all truth, because that is His expert job, I can walk in that truth and following His guidance. OR if I’m malfunctioning spiritually and haven’t noticed the glaring warning signs, I can seek a second, third or fourth opinion from sources who are not experts, have never even seen the problem before or if they did, they could consider it to be the exact same problem as what they have diagnosed before.

I personally choose to take heed to the malfunction warnings and to consult my owner’s manual — the Word if God.

“Fix” it Lord!

Prayer:  Lord take full control of our minds, bodies and souls and help us, Father, to believe you are omniscient , omnipresent and omnipotent. I trust and believe in you; who you are; what you’ve promised, and that you know beforehand the path I am traveling. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

(c)2020 Lessons From Life – Lessons From My Car’s Warning Signals; Jessica Lynn Sifuentes

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